Literary consultant for naval,
maritime and nautical literature

To correctly write about facts and things at sea

“Technical” verification of literary drafts. 

  Books, university theses, theatrical and cinematographic screenplays and other publications and texts related to naval and nautical fields.

  On-board vocabulary - terminology and naval architecture - crew roles – Hierarchy on-board and grades – Ship label - on-board instrumentation - Flat, oceanic navigation, Astronomical -Navigation with bad weather – Sailing – Recreational crafts - International regulations – maritime customs.

Very often, situations at sea are described by the writers of literary texts, including translations into Italian, too superficially, if not erroneously, and not only if they are treated only in the margin of the main content of the elaborated, but also when they decline its narrative centrality. “Weakness” from the point of view of credibility, can also be found in the eyes of the least experienced, risking undermining a job at the same level. Sometimes little is enough and it can be a good choice of the author to deepen these topics and to be guided in the writing of marine writings by those who know the matter well.

UDICER has a team of experienced consultants,- Naval Engineers, Long Course Captains, Machine Captains, Naval Builders, Expert Sailors, Former Navy Officers - led by our Christian signorelli, Captain of Long Course and journalist-publicist of “Vela e Motore”. 

Authors are guaranteed the utmost confidentiality.
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