Marine Equipment Directive

Directive 2014/90/UE

UDICER, as a notified body MED certifies the products listed below and issues EU attestations for
CE conformity marking

Nella pubblicazione "Guida per i fabbricanti" è indicato chiaramente l'iter di certificazione.

Si può consultare e/o scaricare la Guida nei suoi contenuti specifici dalla sezione LINK ESTERNI.

Oppure scaricare l'intera Guida dall'AREA DOWNLOAD.

MED/1.1 Lifebuoys B, D, E, F
MED/1.4 Lifejackets B, D, E, F
MED/1.12 Inflatable life rafts B, D, E, F
MED/1.13 Stiff life rafts B, D, E, F
MED/1.14 Self-righting life rafts B, D, E, F
MED/1.15 Reversible life rafts fitted with tent B, D, E, F
MED/1.17 Rescue vessels a), b) B, D, E, F, G
MED/1.18 Stiff rescue vessels B, D, E, F, G
MED/1.19 Inflatable rescue vessels B, D, E, F, G
MED/1.20 Fast rescue vessels a), b), c) B, D, E, F, G
MED/1.28 Means of assistance B, D, E, F
MED/1.36 Rescue vessels engine B, D, E, F
MED/1.37 Outboard engine B, D, E, F
MED/1.39 Open and reversible life rafts B, D, E, F
MED/1.43 tiff/Inflatable rescue vessels B, D, E, F, G

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