Component 3

Wheel rudders, steering mechanism and wiring

Propulsion control and steering systems shall be designed constructed and installed in such a way as to ensure the transmission of steering forces under foreseeable operating conditions and adequate functional reliability.

For marking as a component, different configurations shall be considered as follows:

  • Remote-controlled steering systems pull– push. Harmonised reference standard  EN28848/1993 + A1/2000
  • Hydraulic steering systems Harmonised reference standard EN ISO 10592.1995+ A1/2000
  • Remote-controlled steering systems with pull-push cables for single outboard motors with power up to 40 kW and dual outboard motors with power up to 15 kW per engine. Harmonised reference standard UNI EN 29775:2002,
  • Remote-controlled steering systems for inboard waterway vessels. Harmonised reference standard UNI EN ISO 15652/2005
  • Systems of governance - Brake type equipment (cables, sector and pulley). Harmonised reference standard UNI EN ISO 8847:2004  only applicable to sailing units

Please note: UNI EN ISO 13929:2003 standard “Rudder coupling– gear drive systems “ has been officially removed from the list of harmonised standards referred to in Directive 2013/53/EU

Each individual device, part of the component   “system of remote steering”    for which declaration of conformity is to be provided with an indication of the harmonised reference standards, in which the required and carried out tests are reported  , must be CE marked if placed on the market separately.

In some cases, for the acceptance of the steering system,  they must pass the required tests to be carried out after assembly and complete installation of all devices.