Component 5

Prefabricated hatches and portholes

Windows , portholes,  hatches, skylights, “corazzette”, doors,  are devices that, when installed on vessels, boats , yachts and other units   (up to 24 m hull length) in critical positions for water tightness, which may affect the waterline in the event of failure of their sealing systems ( plates, seals, hinges, closures, etc.), must meet specific requirements and must be CE marked when placed on the market separately.

The international harmonised reference standard to meet the required safety requirements shall be:

UNI EN. ISO 12216:2004 The standard specifies the technical requirements of windows, portholes, skylights, battlements and doors of units of small hull length up to 24 m, taking into account the type of unit, its design category, and the arrangement of such facilities.

This standard is intended to be mainly used for recreational unit, but can also be used for units of other type up to the length of 24m. Not applicable for rescue units and commercial or work units used under severe conditions.

The standard provides for verification conditions for calculation of different types of transparent sheets, mechanical tests on different types of frames , pressure tests on prefabricated components, water tightness tests after installation for other types that cannot be tested before.